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Hitting The Links: Ahahahahahha Ice)))))) Edition

I have been waiting FOREVER to use that title.

Hey guess what, Ovechkin isn't playing tonight, either! The Caps' top line tonight consists of two mediocre former Hershey Bears...and Alex Semin. As much as games against crappier teams can be trap games, this is one as well - the Capitals are stinging from a loss to the Penguins on Sunday, and likely will come out angry.

It'll be an exciting game regardless, since the Bruins haven't played the Capitals since December 2010.

After the jump, some preview for this action, and Brad Marchand gets chirped by Obama...

Bruins News:

  • Brad Marchand got his tires pumped by the POTUS. I bet there is a really short list of people who can make that their claim to fame. [Puck Daddy]
  • Despite one snag, the Bruins' White House visit was actually really cool! [Globe]
  • The Bruins have had a clogged schedule for the last few weeks, but fear not, the All-Star Break is almost here. [Herald]
  • Bruins alumni will be playing in Barrie, ONT. tonight! [Simcoe]
  • Here is a game preview from some funny dudes from the other side. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

NHL News:

  • Ovechkin will be suspended for tonight's game for a dirty hit; he and Andrew Ference got the same suspension. Consistency, what? [Examiner]
  • John Kerry broke his nose playing hockey. For the lols, he's a right winger. [Globe]
  • The Red Wings are on a 17- home game winning streak. [Globe]
  • Despite failing at it a lot, the Flyers aren't too pressed about their shootout woes. [CSN Philly]
  • Seen a Monarchs game in the last few years? The name Kyle Clifford might be familiar. He had a Gordie Howe Hat Trick for the NHL Kings last night. Good on ya, Big Red Dog! [LA Times]