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Hitting The Links: We're On A Break Edition

This isn't the bad sort of break, Bruins. No. It's the sort of break where we just need a little space, okay. I want to go out and see other teams, you know maybe watch the All-Star Game. It's not you, it's me, etc.

After a disappointing 5-3 loss to the Capitals, the Bruins, except for Tim Thomas, Zdeno Chara, and Tyler Seguin, are off for a week! The next game is against the Ottawa Senators, an important one since they are the team directly behind the Bruins in the division standings. (Who saw that one coming?)

After the jump, Matt Cooke being Matt Cooke, Ovechkin being Ovechkin, and some other stuff...

Bruins News

  • From their train ride to their White House shenanigans, the Washington trip was certainly's too bad they came out of it with a loss. [ESPN]
  • Mathieu Perreault is known for being somewhat of a hot-and-cold player. Well, last night #85 was HOT, to the Bruins' dismay. [Globe]
  • Here is another article about Brad Marchand at the White House, because it's funny, okay. [Herald]
  • It's never fun to start a break with a loss. But, the Bruins could use the time off. [Herald]

NHL News:

  • Is Henrik Lundqvist MVP of the NHL material? [THW]
  • There was another shorthanded penalty shot goal last night....Shawn Thornton, Patrik Berglund would like to join your club! [Inside STL]
  • Speaking of Blues vs Penguins, Matt Cooke Matt Cooke'd Barret Jackman last night. Calling a guy based on reputation? Look, if it's a problem, don't build yourself the reputation in the first place, buddy. [PHT]
  • The Jets are thankful for a break, too. [Sun]
  • Finally, look, I don't get how people can hate Ovechkin, especially when he takes such pride in putting a shaving-cream pie in the face of anyone who does ANYTHING cool on the Capitals. [CSN Washington]