Advice Needed: In-Town Visitors' Fan!

Hello to all the wonderful people here at Stanley Cup of Chowder!! I'm popping over here from On the Forecheck (the Nashville Predators' blog) to ask you guys a question about attending the Bruins-Preds game in a few weeks.

First of all, I have lived in the Boston-area for the past 6 months (I'm a grad student at a local university), and I've never fallen in love with a city so quickly. What an awesome, wonderful place!! I would love to live here after I graduate. Seriously. Boston is so cool. Anyway, moving on to the reason I'm writing this post...

I bought tickets to the February Bruins-Predators game in September, and I've been looking forward to it all year. I also got a new Predators jersey for Christmas and really want to wear it to the game. While this might sound like a rather mundane question, what I'm really interested in is how people are going to react if I'm wearing a jersey (bear with me). My roommate is from the Boston area, and she thinks no one will have a problem with it as long as I'm respectful and not obnoxious (and I'm probably the most respectful and least obnoxious fan you'll ever meet). I feel like that's reasonable and expected from most arenas, so I wasn't surprised by her response. However, I recently had a different friend tell me that Bruins fans can be hostile to opposing fans, especially if they're wearing jerseys (easier targets, obviously). While I have no problem standing up for myself, I'm also a 5'4" female who does not want to get into any altercations with... well... anyone, really.

Now, without absolutely any disrespect meant, my experience living in Boston thus far says this could go either way (every teams has some of "those fans" who can be a little too passionate). My gut, however, says that I'd probably be fine. At the risk of sounding rude and derogatory to your fan base, and I truly hope this post does not come across as either, I just want to know if you think wearing a Preds jersey to a Bruins game would be a bad idea for my "personal safety" (for lack of better words). I should say that I have no problem with people giving me a hard time for wearing the jersey as a Preds fan, I just don't want, for example, to have beer dumped on me or people harassing me during the game. I figured you guys would be the best people to ask because you guys are, and know, the fans!


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