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Hitting The Links: Back To Ottawa Edition

Ed. Note: The Senators come to Boston tomorrow night, not the other way around.

It's right back to Ottawa for Zdeno Chara, Tyler Seguin, and Tim Thomas tomorrow as the Bruins will take on the Senators tomorrow night. Zdeno Chara can expect nothing but boos where he heard cheers this weekend, despite shattering records and talking up the Senators' captain. All-Star Weekend was fun to watch. Gimmicky, sure! But also just a good time. It's nice to occasionally watch a game that means nothing.

After the jump, lots of storylines from our guys at the All Star Game, plus a few stories to get you back into regular season mode...

Bruins News:

  • Fifty years ago, the Bruins' Tommy Williams was the lone American in a Canadian sport, and his story as told by KPD is pretty interesting. [Globe]
  • Some of Tim Thomas' critics are stooping pretty low to insult him. Bad call. [Herald]
  • Jeremy Jacobs is 100% behind Thomas. [Globe]
  • Zdeno Chara had a fantastic time at the All-Star Game, even honored by those rowdy Sens fans. [Globe]
  • 108.8 miles an hour? No big deal for Big Z. [Fighting For Stanley]
  • Tyler Seguin and Phil Kessel were on the same line last night. Hilarious and also a great way to diffuse some of the tension in that situation. [Globe]

NHL News:

  • Miss the All-Star shenanigans? Here's a recap of all the best moments. [Tonight's Healthy Scratches]
  • Marian Hossa got to reunite with some of his countrymen at the game, and he and Marian Gaborik really stole the show. [Sun Times]
  • Sidney Crosby not only has a concussion, but also a neck injury. [Huffington Post]
  • Scott Hartnell donated $1000 to charity for every time he fell down during the All Star Game yesterday. He also told Dion Phaneuf to "suck it." Stop being hilarious, Hartnell, I can't deal. [PHT]
  • Former Bruin Dennis Wideman is really proving his worth, and his All-Star nod was indicative of how much his game has amped up this year. [Times]
  • Everyone loves Alfredsson. No, really. [Sun]
  • Lots of sweeps happened in college hockey this weekend. [PHT]