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Hitting The Links: Start The Year Right Edition

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Oh, the merlot line.
Oh, the merlot line.

Well, here we go, the first game of 2012. Time to put that Stars loss in the past and focus on the future. Ahead of the Bruins today is what could be a potential first-round matchup in the playoffs; the Devils currently sit in 8th place in the east, tied for points with the Capitals in 7th. Although these aren't really the sort of things you really think about until later in the season, it's fun to speculate, considering that three of the teams in playoff position right now weren't in it last year, which could create some really interesting, different matchups this year.

After the jump, more elbows to the head, an unpopular Winter Classic, Tyler Seguin's game is ever-improving, and more...

Bruins News

  • Tyler Seguin has added a new, physical aspect to his game, and it's showing. [Gazette]
  • NHL 36 debuts tonight and will showcase how awesome Patrice Bergeron is. [NHL]
  • Adam McQuaid is the P.E.I. newsmaker of 2011 -- and here is some video. [CBC]
  • The Canucks game is looming on the horizon, and they're eager to get to Boston for another showdown. [Sun]

NHL News

  • Here is a tribute to those the hockey world lost in 2011. [NHL]
  • Canada not only lost to Russia in the WJC last night, but did it in the SEMIFINALS! lol. [Canoe]
  • The Maple Leafs traded Luca Caputi. [FSW]
  • Could Seattle get the Coyotes? [PHT]
  • Randy Cunneyworth is vowing to learn french to keep his job. What a gongshow. [Globe and Mail]
  • The Blackhawks should plan to be without the indefinitely-suspended Daniel Carcillo for a while. [NBC Chicago]
  • The Rangers-Flyers winter classic drew the lowest overnight ratings in the history of the showdown. [Puck the Media]
  • Rene Bourque elbowed Nicklas Backstrom in the head last night and will probably be Shanabanned for it. [Post]