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This Week In Bruins History: Bruins Defeat Flyers at Fenway Park

Marco Sturn
Marco Sturn

Keeping up with the hype of the Winter Classic what better to do this weeks article on when the Flyers lost their first outdoor game. Except their opponent the first time was the Bruins and the venue being the historic Fenway Park. On January 1, 2010 the Bruins and Flyers battled it out in a nail-biting game that was decided in overtime by a David Ortiz like walkoff shot by Marco Sturm. The goal by Sturm was arguably the greatest tally of his career. The iconic photo of Sturm lifting his arms in victory sums up how exciting that day was in Bruins History.

It was only a year before the infamous HBO series 24/7 where the hype of the Winter Classic was left to the hatred of a rivalry and a venue with an abundance of history. It was a cold Friday in Boston where there wasn't a lot of scoring, but the outcome of the game couldn't have been any better than it was played out. The game was scoreless until 4:42 in the seconds period when Danny Syvret snuck one past Tim Thomas. Thomas was busy checking Scott Hartnell out of his crease when the puck slid through. There wouldn't be any scoring until late in the third period when Kimmo Timonen would end up in the penalty box by pulling down Marc Savard to give the Bruins a well needed power-play. The Bruins would finally strike when Mark Recchi tipped in a beautiful slap-pass from the stick of Derek Morris. The Flyers came close to winning the game when Hartnell crowding Thomas, almost found the back of the net. The game would be decided in overtime when Marco Sturm raced to the front of the Flyers net and tipped in a pass from Patrice Bergeron that found its way past goaltender Michael Leighton.

The Bruins battled hard all game and never showed any signs of quitting. They brought a well deserved win to the city of Boston on a one of a kind day. Every player on each team wanted to be the one to score the game winning goal, but there was only room for one player. "That's probably what I dreamed of this morning," Sturm said, "to score in overtime, especially in this game." All it took was a small tip in and Marco Sturm to become a hero with a goal that will never be forgotten in Bruins history.