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Wednesday Mourning Skate: Bargaining

Part 3 of 5 pieces exploring the Kübler-Ross model as it applies to the lockout.

Joel Auerbach - Getty Images

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross worked with terminally ill patients for a long time, and wrote a book called On Death and Dying in 1969. In it, she laid out the 5 stages of grief, or Kübler-Ross model. This week we will explore the 5 stages of grief in the Mourning Skates. Appropriate, no?

Today's stage is: Bargaining

I bet if we all got together and promised to sell out every game, that would be enough to get them to start playing again. Maybe if we all sign a petition it will bring back the season. What about a candle-light vigil? Maybe if I say nice things about the owners they'll calm down. If you guys play a season, I'll never say another mean thing about Jacobs or any of the other greedy owners ever again.

If I make the owners like me, the lockout will end.

Health note: If someone is grieving, it's healthiest to agree with them and let them continue to grieve in their own way rather than talk them out of it. The stages are often not followed in a particular order, and people often bounce around to different stages throughout a day. Please be mindful of your fellow fans.