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Fresh Links: Goodbye, Game 1, We Hardly Knew You Edition

This evening was supposed to be awesome. It was supposed to be a great game between the Bruins and Flyers, the start of another potential Stanley Cup run. Instead, tonight we will all just go on with our hockey-less lives. How sad.

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Jamie Squire - Getty Images

Bruins News:

  • Claude Julien's not taking the year off, y'all. He'll be coaching a lucky local youth hockey team. [Herald]
  • I was totally ready for this Flyers game to happen. Instead, the Wells Fargo center is dark. [Philly]
  • Tommy Cross is off to the ECHL. Ha Ha, BC kid. [Projo]

Hockey News:

  • Justin Beiber fans vandalized the Rick Rypien memorial outside the arena in Vancouver. Not cool. [Gossiping Pens]
  • Kevin Allen on the games that will be missed tonight. [USA Today]
  • The Alberta labor board is letting the lockout of the Oilers and Flames go on. Boooo. [Globe and Mail]
  • Here's my old newspaper on the NHL being unable to learn from previous lockouts. [GDT]
  • Global warming could kill outdoor hockey in Canada, oh noez! [HuffPo Canada]
  • Dominik Hasek retired again. [Crave Online]