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Ten Questions With The Enemy: Jewels From The Crown

In light of the fact that it's boring during a lockout and oh, hey, our AHL teams are playing each other tonight, Denise from Jewels of the Crown was nice enough to do a ten questions swap with us here at Cup of Chowder. Read on to learn a little about the guys Providence is playing tonight, along with a little insight as to what it's like to live in a lockout as the last Stanley Cup Champs.

Sarah Connors

You can read our answers to their questions over at Jewels from the Crown!

1) On a scale of 1 to sobbing into your beer, how sad are Kings fans that there won't be a banner raising ceremony tonight?

We are pretty bummed. We waited for decades for this. On the other hand, we all know it could be worse. But what really hurts is that it's our long-time play by play announcer Bob Miller's birthday today. He could have celebrated his 73rd year by hosting the banner raising ceremony tonight. We would have loved to see that happen for him.

2) If it goes a full year, how is the lockout going to affect the Kings lineup in terms of which contracts will be running out?
Gagne, Penner, and Rob Scuderi's contracts are the biggest ones that will end this season. Penner's on a one year tryout, and I assume they want to see how Gagne fares now that his neck is supposed to be better. Scuderi is a valuable veteran, but the farm team is bursting with older defense prospects. I'm not sure which contracts they'll try to renew and which spots they'll try to fill from within. I suppose it depends on how well some Monarchs do this season.

3) What do you think will end up happening to former MAINEiac Jonathan Bernier?
He wants to be traded, just like several other young players in our system who have been waiting a long time for their chance (Loktionov is another). However, he's still an RFA, and he doesn't call the shots. Lombardi tends to hold onto young assets as along as possible. He might get traded to a team in the East eventually if the season ever starts, but they'd rather have him as insurance for now. Jonathan Quick is also recovering from back surgery.

4) What's the general consensus on Kopitar playing for free in the Allsvenskan league? I think almost everyone appreciates that he was looking forward to playing with his brother Gasper.
They're close, and he doesn't get to see him as often anymore. He's the only reason Kopitar went to that league.

5) Up here, we have lots of other options for leagues to watch during the lockout. Do you and other Kings fans plan to watch local ECHL teams? How far is Ontario from LA?
I know several people who are going to watch the Reign in the ECHL. Ontario is 35 miles away from downtown LA, but there are people willing to make the trip -- and a lot of Kings fans in the greater LA area who live closer by.

6) Why is the Kings' AHL team so far away from their NHL team? I mean really, why is that a thing that is happening. It's weird, isn't it?
The AHL map is just lopsided. There are a few teams in the Midwest, but that's it -- and they are affiliated with other clubs. So it makes it more complicated any time there are call-ups. The Sharks and the Coyotes are in the same boat.

7) How do you guys feel about Slava Voynov and Alec Martinez? Both are pretty big fan faves in Manchester.
We love them! And we love that they won us the big silver trophy. Over at JFTC we are indebted to Voynov for developing quickly enough to let the Johnson trade happen (he was a bit of an adventure in his own end), and we also love that Martinez is a Corsi beast. Seriously, look at his numbers, they're crazy.

8) Why did the Kings sign Andrew Bodnarchuk? I mean, he's cool and all, but that seems awkward since he'll have to play his former team like 10 times this year.
The Kings lost Patrick Mullen to Vancouver over the summer, so I assume they wanted a little more defensive depth. I hope he remembers to skate over to the right bench tonight!

9) Who do you anticipate will be the Monarchs' AHL All Stars this year?
Voynov and Loktionov are easy choices for me. Both have spent time at the NHL level; they should have terrific years.

10) Want to make a bet on tonight's game? We should make a bet on tonight's game.
I bet my AHL live stream will freeze and die because that's just what life as a Kings fan is like. What do you want to bet?