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Fresh Links: Happy 16 Month Cup-I-Versary Edition

So it's been exactly 16 months since the Bruins raised the cup. And they're still the last team to have raised a Stanley Cup banner. So let's watch this awesometastic 2011 SCF highlights video and enjoy that fact, at least.

Rich Lam - Getty Images

Bruins News:

  • The Providence Bruins dropped both games this weekend. They're now -2 for 12 on the powerplay, having allowed two shorthanded goals already. Hopefully next weekend goes a little better. [Examiner]
  • Chris Bourque is not off to a great start. Hey, wasn't he touted as the guy who's going to save the Providence power play? pfffft. [Herald]
  • Here's your weekly dose of Ryan Spooner and Jared Knight's bromance, because why not. [Herald]
  • The Projo does a "what's your workout?" feature in the print edition. This week, they featured Captain Trent Whitfield. [Projo]
  • Bobby Orr on youth hockey: "hockey has to be fun before anything else." Preach it. [The Star]
  • Cornell Hockey fans are super excited about Bruins prospect Brian Ferlin's second college season. [Cornell Hockey Waft]

Hockey News:

  • Did you hear about the WCHA ref that got arrested for saying "bomb" in an airport? Welp. [WCHA Blog]
  • Mike Modano is going into the US HHoF today. Cool. [Star-Telegram]
  • Could Quebec City benefit from this lockout? [Backhand Shelf]
  • Northeastern beat BC this weekend. HA HA HA and other Hockey East news. [WCHA Blog]
  • Here is an awesome Sporcle quiz to distract you from work today: can you name the original, expansion, relocated, renamed, and defunct teams of the NHL? [Sporcle]