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Fresh Links: Lost Opening Night Edition

You know what? I'm angry. Today was supposed to be a great day: a day in which the Bruins took to the TD Garden ice for the first time since April. APRIL.

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Richard Wolowicz

Not only that, but it was supposed to be against the Canadiens. Tonight was supposed to be one of THOSE NIGHTS, a great night to blow off steam by yelling at Max Pacioretty for being a divey little jerk, by yelling at PK Subban for wearing the wrong color jersey, for yelling at Mike Cammalleri for...oh, wait.

Point being: I'm angry, and you should be too.

Bruins News:

  • Bruins prospect Seth Griffith looks to be putting in extra work to up his game, which is pretty cool. [Metro News]
  • Ryan Spooner and Jared Knight have the same injury. Spooner's back for this weekend, Knight is a maybe. [Projo]
  • Tim Thomas is participating in a "celebrity hockey hunt." I have no idea what this means. [Mitchell Republic]

Hockey News:

  • Here's a cute story about UND's third string goalie, Tate Maris. He seems like a character. [Grand Forks Herald]
  • This is probably the longest interview Sidney Crosby has ever given, and it's pretty good. [Post-Gazette]
  • Today's CBA meetings are pretty crucial. The players will be meeting with NHL reps in Toronto. [SBNation]
  • Jonathan Toews is unimpressed with the NHL. [Sun Times]
  • Next year's NHL draft projects to be one of the deepest in over a decade. [USA Today]
  • This Pucks and Pixels hockey ad campaign is pretty awesome. They make some pretty great t-shirts, too. [Puck Daddy]