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The Lost Season: NHL Games Cancelled Through November 1st

<3 #TeemuForever <3
<3 #TeemuForever <3
Marianne Helm

The NHL officially cancelled games from October 24th to November 1st. Bruins games cancelled:

  • Thu, Oct 25 vs Anaheim - Teemu('s last game?) at the Gahden
  • Sat, Oct 27 vs NY Islanders - I dunno. Tavares is usually pretty fun to watch.
  • Tue, Oct 30 vs Buffalo - Pegulabucks buy fights but do they buy wins?
  • Thu, Nov 1 @ Toronto - Bruins' first game against Luongo in Blue and White

So there's that. Season Not Played is riding a 135-0-0 record, off to a great start. Could this be the year?