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Fresh Links: Bergy vs. Seguin Edition

As you may know, Tyler Seguin's EHC Biel took on Patrice Bergeron's HC Lugano yesterday.

Of course Bergy's team won - by a score of 6-3 - and Bergeron's goal came while Seguin was stuck in the penalty box. oh, Ty Ty.

Bruins News:

  • The P-Bruins had a nice win over the Falcons on Saturday, breaking the Falcons' win streak. [Projo]
  • Hey look, Bobby Robins' fight made Puck Daddy. BEATDOWN. [Puck Daddy]
  • Here are some highlights from Bergy vs Segs: The Swiss Showdown! [NESN]
  • Uh oh, David Krejci is speaking out against Bettman now, claiming that he and the other players are getting "treated like animals." Welp. [PHT]

Hockey News:

  • Robin Lehner (yes, the goalie!) got in a goalie fight during his game in Binghamton this weekend! [Sens Extra]
  • Sergei Kostitsyn hopes the lockout ends the whole season because he hates North America I guess. [Yahoo]
  • There are no meetings scheduled for lockout talk, but the two sides are communicating. Not sure if good or bad... [STL Today]
  • Mikko Koivu is the second player to sign in europe from the Wild. [PHT]
  • Ben Eager, Oilers player, got in a bar fight in Toronto over the weekend. [Edmonton Journal]
  • The lakers met the Stanley Cup over the weekend. There are some pretty great pictures. [Puck Daddy]