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Tuesday Mourning Skate: FRESH BLOOD

John Harrelson

Great News, everyone! We've got some new ChowderHeads writing for Calder Cup of Coffee Milk! Please welcome to the masthead:

  • ecozens - She has been doing research at the HHoF and will be writing pieces on the History of the Bruins.
  • Lilybraden - You may have seen her piece on Fighting and the Bruins. She will continue to write features.
  • Matt Metcalf - Not as well known to SCoC, Matt Metcalf will be talking about what is happening in Europe.

They may also write about other stuff, as the spirit moves us. Remember that if you'd ever like to write something, either throw up a Fanpost or Fanshot. The new front page layout doesn't feature them as well, but they can also be "front-paged" if we think it's good. Or people want to talk about it. Or if somebody feels like it. Whatever. More importantly, Friend of the Blog Bobby Robins likes us! He really likes us!

What's on tap on this fine Tuesday?