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Fresh Links: Savard, Sestito, and Svedberg Edition

Couple of odd coincidences in links today.


For one, we all saw that Marc Savard tweeted a few times yesterday about his struggle to return to game shape - that a return is still highly unlikely, but that he still wants to remain involved in the game. Can you believe it's been two and a half years since that fateful game against the Penguins?

Meanwhile, in Britain, Tom Sestito, of dirty-hit-on-Nathan-Horton fame, hasn't changed, really. While playing for the Sheffield Steelers, he struck the Hull Stingrays' Andrew Ward with a high hit. Ward escaped unscathed, but the commentary piece on the hit and the EIHL's fan reaction to it cites Savard as an example as to why THAT league should eliminate head hits as well.

(In happier news, Niklas Svedberg is turning out to be the goalie the P-Bruins always wanted. Awesome.)

Bruins News:

  • Jared Knight returned to practice yesterday after dealing with a hamstring issue over the weekend. [Projo]
  • Marc Savard sees "no comeback in the foreseeable future," which is to say - we're at status quo, unfortunately. [Mass Live]
  • Here's a really awesome piece on former Bruins star Normand Leveille. [Global Montreal]
  • Niklas Svedberg had an awesome weekend in goal, posting two wins. [Projo]

Hockey News:

  • Here's the EIHL article on Sestito, Savard, and head shots in general, by Paul Wheeler, the Coventry Blaze PBP guy. [Chasing Dragons]
  • This article on the dispute over UND's Fighting Sioux nickname is super interesting. Did you know the state passed a law requiring UND to keep the nickname, while the NCAA is trying to disallow its use? [ESPN]
  • There is a 12 year old peewee hockey player in the GTA who is 6'5. Here is his story, it is pretty great. [The Star]
  • A new movie will focus on Chris Nilan's life as an enforcer. Yeahh West Roxbury! [Gazette]
  • NHL owners and GMs spoke to players on an individual basis last week, but were only allowed to talk about certain things. [PHT]
  • And finally, a gem from Down Goes Brown: what are the good and bad signs in the ongoing CBA talks? [DGB]