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Wednesday Mourning Skate: Suddenly Pro Lockout

Rask makes saves.
Rask makes saves.
Milan Brace

So it appears Tuukka Rask is hurt over in the Czech Republic, he's got a groin injury. Luckily, he's only had one of those once before and it led to seeing Marty Turco's brilliant gold pads.

Additionally, Patrick Kane is on his way to HC Biel (where Tyler Seguin plays, natch) and there might be some unfair domination. I guess somebody needed an answer to the Joe Thornton/Rick Nash duo over in HC Davos. Considering TyTy scored a hattie (against Max Pacioretty's former team) last night, I think HC Biel games are about to get pretty sweet.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm getting interested in the european storylines. On top of that, I don't really want to see our defense try to help Anton Khudobin and whoever would back him up instead of Rask/Khudobin like it should be.

Oh, here's the TyTyTrick video: