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Fresh Links: SCIENCE!!! Edition

Has anyone else heard about this new show that's going to be on the Discovery Channel all about the science of hockey? Personally I'll probably watch every episode, just because it's hockey stuff...on TV...yeah.

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I just like this picture.
I just like this picture.
Harry How

Bruins News:

  • Derek Sanderson wrote an autobiography. Considering how interesting his life was, I will probably buy this. [Calgary Herald]
  • Alexander Khokhlachev made the Team Russia roster for the Subway Super Series. Bruins galore in that thing....[Junior Hockey]
  • The littlest P-Bruins training camp goalie, Shawn Hunwick, is now 2-0-0 in the ECHL. [Live5News]

Hockey News:

  • Hockey! On the Discovery Channel! DO WANT. [MediaCaster]
  • Obama thinks this lockout is stupid. Thanks for joining the party, Mr. Prez. [Puck Daddy]
  • Here is a thing by Ms. Active Stick on empty arenas, and how sad they are. It's good stuff. [HEOTP]
  • Old timey hockey in New York: let's look at the Brooklyn Americans! [NYT]
  • The 2010 Blackhawks are reuniting for a charity game. Good stuff. [USA Today]
  • Why do some guys on the cusp of the NHL make it - and some don't? [Backhand Shelf]
  • Today is the deadline after which we lose the elusive "full season" everyone still thinks could happen. Pipe dreams, kids. [Calgary Herald]