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Friday Mourning Skate: What Hockey Are You Watching This Weekend?

There's a bunch coming up!

Whoops, wrong Lowell.  Oh well.
Whoops, wrong Lowell. Oh well.
Mike Stobe

Hey guys, lots of hockey going on locally this weekend. Anybody getting to any games? Here's your AHL and Hockey East Schedules, assembled by intrepid SCoC writer Lilybraden. If, like me, you don't know much about Hockey East, check out Joe Meloni's piece on College Hockey News on what to watch in Hockey East:



  • Hershey @ Hartford 7PM
  • Springfield @ Providence 705PM
  • Bridgeport @ Worcester 730PM

Hockey East

  • BC @ UMASS Lowell 7PM
  • Maine @ Providence
  • Northeastern @ UNH
  • UMASS @ BU
  • Vermont @ Merrimack



  • Providence @ Hartford 7PM (The battle for 2nd-best bourque continues!)
  • Worcester @ Manchester 7PM
  • Binghamton @Portland 7PM
  • Bridgeport @ Springfield 7PM

Hockey East

  • BU @ UMASS
  • Maine @ Providence
  • UNH @ Northeastern
  • Vermont @ Merrimack



  • Portland @ Springfield 3PM
  • Bridgeport @ Worcester 3PM
  • Binghamton @ Manchester 4PM

Hockey East

  • UMass Lowell @ BC