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The Lost Season: NHL Games Cancelled Through October 24th

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

The NHL continues to make Season Not Played the greatest dynasty of the last decade. They've cancelled all games through October 24th.

Bruins Regular Season Games Cancelled:

  • Thu, Oct 11 @ Philadelphia - Season Opener
  • Sat, Oct 13 @ New Jersey - Stanley Cup Runners Up
  • Tue, Oct 16 @ Montreal - First game against Montreal
  • Thu, Oct 18 vs Montreal - Home Opener and chance to see Bergeron with his shiny new Selke trophy
  • Sat, Oct 20 vs Dallas - Dallas Game III. Parts one and two were awesome.
  • Tue, Oct 23 vs Carolina - Missing a chance to see an all-Staal lineup

Post your best reaction gifs below, we're really going to be plumbing the depths of your collections.