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Game Day Thread: Zdeno Chara's Лев Takes On Динамо Мск (feat. Ovechkin)

Live Hockey, y'all!

Martin Rose - Bongarts/Getty Images

Today at 1pm, Zdeno Chara and Lev Praha take on Dynamo Moscow and Alex Ovechkin. This would be fun anyhow, but we get the added benefit of it being on ESPN2 (for those at home with cable) and ESPN3 (for those with the right ISP login and a computer at work) and probably some streams but whatever.

Dynamo Moscow (10-3) are in the top 2 of the Western conference, but Lev Praha (8-5) aren't far behind. A regulation win would tie the two in the standings...I think. It looks like Russian Standings Points go:

  • Regulation win: 3
  • OT/SO win: 2
  • OT/SO loss: 1
  • Regulation loss: 0

So if you like griping about how we do it in the good old US of A (and Canada), now's your chance to watch a league that doesn't do that!

ESPN3 Stream: