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Fresh Links: Awkward Moments Edition

So apparently while Gary Bettman spoke at the HHoF yesterday, it was incredibly uncomfortable and awkward and included an Adam Oates death glare. Excellent.

Bruce Bennett

...or something.

Bruins News:

  • McKayla Maroney was at the Garden yesterday and is unimpressed by the 2011 rings. [SBN]
  • Dr. Recchi Says: get back to work, jerks. [Globe]
  • Here's a neat feature from Jesse Connolly on Bruins overseas. [NEHJ]

Hockey News:

  • Capitals fans are trying to keep themselves amused during the lockout. This is a great piece, mostly because I love the bar and blog featured in it. [Post]
  • Awkward Gary Bettman is awkward. [SBN]
  • The new HHoF class couldn't really avoid talking about the lockout. [TSN]
  • This is neat - the Maple Leafs are supporting a women's league team. [The Star]
  • An Ohio State player and Blackhawks draft pick had a pretty gruesome injury the other night. [Buckeye Extra]