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Fresh Links: Two Months Later Edition

It's officially been two months since the CBA expired. F this noise.

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Streeter Lecka

Bruins News:

  • Former Bruin Stan Jonathan was charged in a shooting death yesterday. [CBC]
  • Here's a fun little piece about Jack Edwards. [Causeway Crowd]
  • Milan Lucic will drop the puck at a UMass Lowell/UNH game. [Lowell Sun]
  • The P-Bruins had some adventures at a National Guard base yesterday. [NESN]
  • Here's a cool story about the November Project. [Globe]

Hockey News:

  • The Habs are horrendous but here's a fun story about how one of our favorite Habs fans fell in love with them. [Habs EOTP]
  • Yesterday's WHL vs Russia Subway Series game was a goalie duel for the ages. [The Score]
  • This Q&A with Don Cherry is EXCELLENT. [The Globe and Mail]
  • 33 Reasons the Mighty Ducks is the greatest movie franchise of all time? You don't have to tell me twice. [Buzzfeed]
  • The Predators organized a fan flashmob of a pee-wee hockey game. Awesome. [SBN]