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Friday Mourning Skate: Black Friday Deal: This Space for Rent

For charity!

David Rogers

While everyone's out at whatever store trampling people to death to save 200 bucks on a TV, I'm...actually on my way to Canada. However, there is one Black Friday deal that I can offer:

You can pick a topic for me to write about in this space.

All you need to do is donate $50 to my movember page:

Some rules:

  • Must be $50 in a single donation.
  • Topics have to be at least tangentially hockey-related.
  • It's for charity, I don't actually get any money out of it. It's a good cause that I've been supporting for a couple years now.
  • Anyone can buy. So far I've got a habs fan and a leafs fan buying topics. Yipes.
  • Donations must be in by December 1st to count.
This should be fun for me and hopefully not overly terrible for you all.