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Fresh Links: Home Again Edition

I AM HOME, YOU GUYS. Relatedly, come to the Fours on Saturday to hang out with me and watch BU vs BC because a) hockey, b) I haven't watched real college hockey since last year, and c) I'M HOME.

Gail Oskin

Lockout shmockout:

  • Joe Corvo: "It feels like 2004 all over again." Welp. [News Observer]
  • The Jets are denying Joe Haggerty's report about Jeremy Jacobs being rude to their assistant GM. To be fair, when my dad found out who wrote the story, he kinda went "oh THAT GUY I bet it didn't actually happen," so, uh. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • Sidney Crosby will probably head to Switzerland if as the lockout drags on. [Sun]

Other Stuff:

  • LOOK HOW DAPPER: the 1936 Bruins. These photos are amazing. [Buzzfeed]
  • Here is a weird Russian video with Ilya Kovalchuk and some cheerleaders in it. I don't know. [Youtube]
  • Josh Harding has MS and that sucks. Hopefully he'll still be able to have a long career. [Star tribune]
  • Tommy Cross got called up to the P-Bruins after leading the Stingrays in scoring by a defenseman. He should be playing tomorrow. [Masslive]
  • PK Subban has been all over Montreal during this lockout. [Gazette]
  • The Coyotes will be in Glendale for the foreseeable future. [KPHO]
  • They will probably be renamed the "Arizona Coyotes" and will likely get an arena name change that will include the city of Glendale in its new name. [Sports Documents]