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Fresh Links: Trade-a-versary Edition

Seven years ago today, Marco Sturm became a Bruin, and some schmuck named Joe was sent from Boston to San Jose. Good times.

Christian Petersen

Boston Hockey!

  • BC vs. BU's two-game series starts tonight at Agganis and continues tomorrow at Conte. BC Sucks. [SBN]
  • Jordan Sigalet, former P-Bruins goalie who is also battling MS, offered words of encouragement to Wild goalie Josh Harding. Sigalet is currently the goalie coach for Abbottsford. [Star Tribune]
  • Zdeno Chara is now the captain of Lev Praha. [Examiner]

Other stuff!

  • Is the return of the Quebec Nordiques imminent? While you're at EOTP, congratulate Andrew, he's running the place now. [EOTP]
  • Let's relocate the Leafs! [Battle of Cali]
  • Now that mediation has failed, where do CBA talks go now? [ESPN]
  • Interesting story on how being in the Navy taught one Stars fan to live without hockey. [DBD]