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What DON'T You Miss About The NHL?

Laure of Habs Eyes on the Prize did this first and probably best, but whatever, we need our own spin on it too.

Harry How

There actually are a good number of things I'm not currently missing during the lockout. They include:

  • Spending more money than I should on tickets
  • Spending more money than I should on tickets, gas, food, and lodging to see the Bruins play in other cities
  • Armchair GMs
  • The Bruins' power play
  • Anything and everything about games on NBC
  • Including but not limited to Pierre McGuire and Mike Millbury
  • Mike Millbury on NESN
  • Matt Cooke
  • Tom Sestito
  • Really anyone who does asshole things like the two assholes mentioned above this
  • Tyler Seguin fangirls
  • Tyler Seguin fangirls who get overly creepy at Ristuccia and ruin things for everyone else
  • Autograph seekers
  • People who get up to get food/go to the bathroom/etc while play is still in progress
  • Anthem singers that aren't Rene Rancourt
  • Paying $30 to park anywhere near the Garden
  • Invading Habs fans
  • Oversensitive Canucks fans
  • Panicky Leafs fans
  • Jets fans in general
  • Sad-sack Oilers fans
  • Rude-ass Flyers fans
  • Post-Cup Blackhawks fans
  • The Bruins' power play
  • Arguments about whether or not #fancystats are important to the game or not seriously you should all just shut the hell up and enjoy the game the way you want to, holy crap stop trying to shove your views down other peoples' throats
  • The argument about "THE CUP BELONGS IN CANADA!!!!" ...because seriously, suck it
  • The trap
  • YOU'RE GAAAAAAAAAY YOU'RE GAY YOU'RE GAY YOU'RE GAY....seriously, quit this, Bruins fans. We're better than that.
  • PK Subban not being a Bruin
  • Not having endless time to devote to the excellence of the New England Patriots
  • the Bruins' power play
  • Having no free time to do these things: play hockey myself, hang out with my friends and family who don't like hockey, watch the TV shows I like, follow my University's sports teams, etc. Basically life without hockey is actually pretty fun, which is really sad to think about.
What are the things you absolutely don't miss about the lockout?