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Fresh Links: Help Me Name Some Puppies! Edition

Okay so! I volunteer for Stray Rescue of St. Louis, and it's great. They were super full last week, so everyone who fostered a dog one specific day got a great incentive - name a litter of puppies!

Mark Kolbe

So I kinda want to name the 8 puppies that just came in after Great Bruins Players In History (they have to have a theme). Which 8 should I go with, though? Should I go with first names or last names? Help me, Chowderites!

Bruins News:

  • In case you missed it, here are the PBruins' fabulous halloween costumes. Some of them look like they were recycled from last year...didn't Brad Marchand wear that thing Maxime Sauve is wearing? [With Leather]
  • Here's a great feature on Bobby Robins by Bob Mand. [THW]
  • Something something Chris Bourque's NHL dreams are on hold. IDK. [WBUR]
  • Is Mark Recchi a first-ballot HoF'er? [THW]

Hockey News:

  • Pubs are suffering due to the lockout, we already know this. Here's a story from Vancouver. [Province]
  • Here's a cool feature on Ron Tugnutt from CBJ's website. [Blue Jackets]
  • Talks resumed between the NHL and NHLPA at a "secret location" last night. [SBN]
  • Former BU goalie John Curry sprayed some fans with a water bottle and got fined for it. Dammit, ECHL. [Puck Daddy]
  • Are young coaches in the NHL a problem? [Defending Big D]