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Monday Mourning Skate: Let Rancourt Sing!


We're swiftly approaching the 4th or 5th line in the sand that the league has drawn, so we should expect that we'll be getting a game cancellation announcement soon. They might cancel through Christmas. And that means they cancel the game where Rene Rancourt gets on his famous Christmas vest and sings carols on the home bench during intermission. Well, NESN, I've got an idea for you: The Rene Rancourt Christmas Spectacular. Seriously, its not like you're showing as many NCAA hockey games as you can and you can only watch Charlie Moore Outdoors for like 5 minutes before turning it off. Give the man his due. Like I say whenever that crappy berklee student sings the anthem, We Want Rene!

Don't forget: we do have a contest going.