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Fresh Links: Moderation In All Things Edition

'Tis Time To Use Reason To Salvage The Season.


Just the facts, ma’am

  • Moderates push NHL/NHLPA to continue negotiations. [ ESPN ]
  • They’re BAAAAAACK… Federal mediators rejoin talks. [ ESPN ]
  • Twitter has left parties exposed throughout the contract negotiations. [ Toronto Sun ]
  • Meeting at 11a, no owners, just the Bettman, Daly and lawyers for NHL. [ @ DarrenDreger ]
  • The Bettman’s bottom line minimum requirement to have a season. [ @reporterchris ]
  • Some as yet unreported details of the negotiations. [ PuckDaddy ]

And now for the lighter side

  • The Hockey Sweater, a video tale from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, eh? [ YouTube ]
  • Tipsy Tattoo of Tyler to rue? Fan inks self with signature of Tyler Seguin. [ YardBarker ]
  • McKayla Maroney gives it a 10- Tyler Seguin NHL 13 backflip glitch. [ YouTube ]
  • Why Shawn Thornton is the most interesting man in the world. [ @dafoomie ]