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Monday Mourning Skate: FAN VOTE: Best Poem

Richard Heathcote

Okay so here are the poetry submissions I got to win a copy of The Instigator. Won't you please vote for your favorite below?

Entry 1: Ode to SCoC

Stanley Cup of Chowder
How I love thee
Let me count t= he links
That you give me each day

The comment gifs and di= scussions
I can't go without a day
Of Bruins history lessons
Playful jabs and thoughts

I can't give you up, SCOC
You're my one and only
Just like Bergy and Neely
Bourque, Oates and Stumpel

Entry 2: On Gloves (haiku)

I salute Habs' fans
Oh no, a glove malfunction
Thanks Captain Planet

Entry 3: The Gift Of Comebacks

It's all a little hazy now
That Christmas, my parents gave me a tv
A 12" black and white, just for me
To watch the Bs on TV38

This game I remember faintly
Was on the west coast, back in '72
Against the white-skated Golden Seals
The Bruins were behind, I think 6-2

But the game was not done, not yet
The Bruins mounted a tremendous comeback
When the final horn blared, oh what fun
The Bruins won 8-6, thanks Mom and Dad

Entry 4: Ode to 2011

In seven games, B's beat the hated Habs,
Then swept the Flyers, for those keeping tabs.

Seven tough games is what they lost in
When the Lightning finally crashed in Boston.

They all said the B's would be the losers,
When things were over and done with Vancouver.

Game 1 began, it was instantly gritty,
In short time, things would get really shitty.

A scrum broke out, and then some biting;
But this made our Bruins keep on fighting.

The league told everyone, "no suspension",
That brought the Finals even more tension.

Game 1, a loss but a pretty close outing,
Game 2's OT blunder had us all doubting.

Down two games to none, we were all unsure,
Since winning this thing would be one hell of a chore.

For Game 3, our boys came back home,
And decisively thrashed those two ginger gnomes!

The Quiet Man now was playing,
And so the Nucks got to praying.

Horton out, thanks to Aaron Rome's
filthy hit while entering the zone.

It was ugly - really scary,
that's when things started getting hairy.

Rex was pleased to torture Lappy,
Taunting Burrows made Looch so happy.

Funniest thing we've ever seen?
Timmy T nailing Henrik Sedin!

BobbyLu faltered, B's had some fun
They ran the score up, 8 goals to 1.

The tables turned, Nucks fans were leery,
4 more goals scored, we have us a series!

Back in Vancouver, a tight contest
Shutout for Lu, and Lappy impressed.

Bruins come home, backs against the wall,
Time for game 6, they could lose it all.

Black and Gold up 4-zip in game 6,
Poor Daniel Sedin 'enjoyed' Marshy's antics!

Upset, he declared a silly guarantee,
Something about a game 7 victory...

'twas June 15, and the place was BC,
BERGY- two goals, one a shorty!

That rat Marshmont scored the other two,
And they made our wishes finally come true.

"Get the duckboats ready!" Goucher said,
then all our emotions came to a head.

Z hoisted the Cup, looking ever so manly,
Never so high had been lifted Lord Stanley!

Passed it to Rex, who called it a career,
A champion before, AGAIN he was here!

The longest tenured Bruin, Bergeron took the Cup,
The Triple Gold Club's membership just went up!

I watched all the games yet still can't believe it,
Our dreams came true, they finally achieved it!

And that, friends, is my favorite hockey moment,
The Bruins victorious over a worthy opponent!

Entry 5: On Old Men

Late blooming goalie
hugged by old college classmate
finally wins cup

Entry 6: On Old Men 2

cagey veteran
mind#u[ks the heir apparent
and siezes the cup
Well there you have it! I'm impressed with the turnout. Now vote!


Which poem is best?

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    Entry 1
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  • 24%
    Entry 2
    (7 votes)
  • 17%
    Entry 3
    (5 votes)
  • 41%
    Entry 4
    (12 votes)
  • 3%
    Entry 5
    (1 vote)
  • 6%
    Entry 6
    (2 votes)
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