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Fresh Links: Krampus Is Coming Edition

Any Naughty Party Negotiating In Bad Faith... BEWARE! Santa's Enforcer Is Watching.

Bruce Bennett

You’d Better Be Good, For Goodness Sake!

  • This Cupcheck column features Krampus, the Bettman, and Jeremy Jacobs. [ Pegasus News ]
  • Red Bull Salzburg used Krampus to frighten opponents into submission. Johnny Boychuk pix #13 and #14 in the gallery! (Auf Deutsch) [ Salzburger Nachtrichten ]
  • Unfamiliar with Santa’s Enforcer? Here’s a tutorial on Krampus. [ YouTube ]
  • Take THAT! Canadian MP proposes awarding Stanley Cup to top amateur team. [ The Hockey News ]
  • Sidney Crosby plays goalie for a street hockey team. [ Yardbarker ]
  • Celebrate the 95th anniversary of the first NHL games today with this quiz. [ Toronto Sun ]

Enjoy these outstanding Bruins videos by wooingscotsman: