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What's on tap? Or, a bit of Chowder housekeeping

So there's some fun dates to add to your calendar coming up soon that we didn't want anyone to miss!

skating outdoors is fun, you can wear cool hats.
skating outdoors is fun, you can wear cool hats.
Bruce Bennett

12/22/12: If the world doesn't end on Friday (don't kill me Ed), Chowdah will be having a skating fun time get together at Kendall Ice. Admission is $5, skate rental is $8. We're shooting to get there at 1pm since some people (PHONY) have commitments later on.

12/26/12: Ebay swap at the Fours! Go find a kitschy piece of Bruins paraphernalia for $15 or less and bring it to the Fours around 6pm. Swap will occur at 6:30. Drinking in excess because we miss hockey will occur after.

And finally, starting January 6th - for those of you who have just started skating/learning to play hockey and who can get to Arlington on Monday nights at 10pm, Hockey North America's Adult Learn-to-play Hockey sessions are starting up. It's a 17-week program with 8 weeks of instruction followed by nine weeks of games. I've done this program in the past and am doing it again, and I highly recommend it - if you want to continue playing hockey after the 17 weeks, you get transitioned into one of HNA's leagues, which is neat. Call (800) 446-2539 or shoot me an email for more information.

I'm not saying you should RSVP for the skate or the swap, but....comment here if you're going so we can get a basic head count!