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Monday Mourning Skate: Why Tyler Seguin is a better Pro than Taylor Hall

He even dresses better. Sheesh.
He even dresses better. Sheesh.
Bruce Bennett

Editor's Note: this post was purchased by Bryan Reynolds of Hockey Wilderness for a $50 donation to Movember. Feel free to disagree in the comments instead of starting a torch-and-pitchfork mob.

I think we all remember the hullaballoo over Tyler vs. Taylor during the 2010 draft. They were the concensus top-2 picks, with Hall being seen as slightly more likely to be ready for the NHL. It was a big event. People packed into the Oilers barn as well as the Faneuil Hall area in Boston to watch the draft. However, we now know the truth: Tyler Seguin is - and will continue to be - a better pro hockey player than Taylor Hall. Here's why:

Better Mentors

Look at that awful, awful Edmonton team. Who's going to teach Taylor Hall to play well in all areas of the game? It ain't old and useless Ryan Smyth, I tell you what. Unless Smyth has been telling him to plow into opposing defensemen or break his hand in fights or even get himself all cut up. Tyler Seguin? Tyler Seguin has fit very nicely into a line with Selke trophy winner and Triple Gold Club member Patrice Bergeron. Not only has Bergeron mentored plenty of players in the past, he's also been mentored by some of the best, including Swedish Hero Per-Johan Axelsson. Honestly, Taylor Hall would probably benefit from playing with someone with the experience of ending a season early.

More Playoff Experience

When your team is busy chasing the record for most number 1 draft picks in a row, you're not going to get a lot of playoff experience. Everyone knows that the playoffs are where all the chips are down and the best hockey is played. You can't just waltz in like it's a tuesday night in Columbus and expect to set Sam Gagner up for another 8-point night. No. Heroes are forged in the fires of the playoffs. The most famous calls? Playoffs. The best wins? Playoffs. The worst losses? The Playoffs! Why anybody cares who Ryan Smyth is in the first place? THE PLAYOFFS! And what won't Taylor Hall get a whole lot of time in anytime soon? I'll give you a hint, it's a series of hockey games played in elimination series format to determine the eventual winner of the Stanley Cup. Without that experience, he doesn't know where that higher gear is and how to play against guys who are in said higher gear. Tyler Seguin certainly does. He's already got a 4-point night in the playoffs. Without it, the Bruins might not have beaten Tampa in 2011. Not only is TyTy a seasoned playoff vet, he's also a Stanley Cup Champion. Taylor Hall has a lot of World Championships experience.

Well he would if he wasn't injured, anyway.

Better Game

As has been pointed out before by various experts, Taylor Hall doesn't pass the eye test. Sure, he's great stat-wise for a young player, comparable to such luminaries as Petr Prucha and Patrik Berglund. Heck, he might even hit that Jason Pominville or Wojtek Wolski ceiling. Would be quite an incredible career. It was definitely worthy of un-retiring his number and shoveling money onto his front lawn for that one.

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The preceding post was written as part of a Movember fundraiser. Thanks to Hockey Wilderness Editor Bryan Reynolds for the donation!