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Fresh Links: The 800 lb. Gorilla Edition

No Bettman? No Fehr! Jacobs will be the 800 lb. gorilla in the room.

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Richard Wolowicz

‘Till We Meet Again…

  • Talks on Tuesday in NYC, but without the Bettman and Fehr. Just lil' old Jeremy Jacobs. [ The Globe and Mail ]
  • The NHL tried to discredit Fehr as being unethical. [ New York Post ]
  • Aaron Ward tweets that the NHLPA approved $10K player stipends. [ @aaronward_nhl ]
  • … and that the NHLPA requested federal mediators attend on Tuesday, the NHL refused. [ @aaronward_nhl ]
  • Haggs has words of praise for Tommy Cross in his return to the PBruins. [ ]
  • It was a mixed bag otherwise for the BBBruins this weekend, Haggs hits the high points. [ ]

Pour yourself a cup of wassail, cheer up, and read (or watch) on: