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Tuesday MOurning Skate: Why Basketball is better than Hockey

For Charity, y'all

notice the banners behind the banners.
notice the banners behind the banners.

Editor's Note: This post was purchased by @mreils for a donation to Movember. Feel free to disagree in the comments instead of starting a torch and pitchfork mob.

Yes, its true, ladies and gentlemen: Basketball was one of my first favorite sports. I spend a lot of my time writing about hockey, but in fact it is the tenant of the Gahden that plays a superior sport. I'll break it down for you.


Basketball is more of a team sport. Every game is a short bench, and after 5 or so fouls (or one punch - way to go, Rondo) you get tossed. So teamwork is important. Playing hack-a-Shaq late? Better switch up who's on him so the rest of the team can play offense. In such a small court, all it takes is one mistake and the ball is practically getting dunked at the other end. Its not like Hockey where you might be lucky enough to get a breakaway but you've got a 50/50 chance of being brought down before shooting it wide/into the goalie. Clearly superior.

Better Movies

Yeah, yeah, slapshot was great and all but did you see Space Jam? Coach Carter? Hoosiers? White Men Can't Jump? The Sixth Man? Love and Basketball? He Got Game? Above the Rim? Celtic Pride? C'mon, mighty ducks was good and all but it wasn't good enough to overcome that. Basketball, a superior sport, has obviously captured the hearts and minds of the average Hollywood director.

Kiss the Rings

One side of the Gahden ceiling has the 6 stanley cup banners and a row of Bruins retired numbers. On the other side, the retired numbers (and there are a lot of them) jave to get squeezed into two small banners because the rest of the space is dedicated to the glory of the 17 Boston Celtics championships. On top of that, Team USA has been able to win gold at the Olympics since the fall of the Berlin wall.

Undecided until the end

Sure, people complain about the last couple minutes of a Basketball game taking forever, but you have to remember that that game can also probably be decided in those minutes. Occasiknally teams get beat big from start to finish but all it takes is a hot streak to get a team right back in it. Sure, pulling the goalie down 2 is exciting. But its more exciting if there's a chance of winning.

So, for all of those reasons, Basketball is a superior sport to hockey.

Again, this was purchased as part of my Movember campaign. Our team ended up raising over 11,000 this year. Thank you to everyone who donated or spread the word.