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Fresh Links: Playing Around the World For 80 Days Edition

Lockout day #80, We Need To Talk.


Shuffle the deck a little, maybe some good will come of it.

  • The NHL dictated which owners could attend meetings so far while the NHLPA has welcomed any member who wished to sit in. [ Sports Illustrated ]
  • Meeting to start between 2 and 2:30 this afternoon. [ Real_ESPNLeBrun ]
  • … with no limitations on the numbers of players who can attend. [ Real_ESPNLeBrun ]
  • There was a tempest in a teapot in Boston over a Steve Burton report about a possible end to the lockout. [ Masshole Sports ]

We’re sweating it out, and they’re playing overseas.

  • How advances in technical fibers and moisture management have improved the game. [ New England Hockey Journal ]
  • A video postcard from Patrice Bergeron in Switzerland, gee, it is nice to hear his voice. [ YouTube ]
  • Johnny Boychuk lights the lamp for Salzburg with a Johnny Rocket. [ Telly ]
  • The detail on Niklas Svedberg’s Godfather themed mask. [ ]