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What DO You Miss About the NHL?

So last week, like jilted lovers we said what we didn't miss about the NHL, this week let's discuss what you miss about the NHL.


The list will be plentiful and some stuff is obvious - like games!

  • Roadtrips
  • The Bruins Penalty Kill
  • Center Ice - I love listening to local announcers even the ones I don't like
  • Jack & Brick
  • Gouch & Beers
  • Claude Giroux
  • Jonathan Toews
  • Really any skilled young player in the NHL
  • Shawn Thornton dropping the gloves
  • Rene Rancourt
  • Visiting Leafs fans, they're always so polite
  • The Habs - I miss them man, I miss sports hate
  • Patrice Bergeron playing both sides of the puck and being perfect
  • Brad Marchand skating the line
  • The Bear
  • Having to rewind my Tivo to try to make sense of Jack Edwards
  • Wooooooooooooooooo! (I actually hate this, but I love what it means)
  • The Bobby Orr Sandwich at The Fours
  • Meeting people behind section 308
  • Calls to Toronto
  • The Playoffs
Join the fun, what do you miss?