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Fresh Links: Gaining Traction Edition

A glimmer of hope at last? NHL/NHLPA meetings went late into last evening after a meal break, and the same groups have agreed to meet again this morning.

Bruce Bennett

There appears to be some progress on ending the lockout:

  • Yesterday’s “marathon talks” lead to a “constructive day” for a change. [ TSN ]
  • Adrian Dater of the Denver Post finally sees light at the end of the tunnel. [ AllThingsAvs ]
  • Bringing in Crosby and Pens co-owner Burkle seen as giving a boost. [ Pittsburgh Tribune Review ]
  • And the same bunch is meeting again this very morning! [ Yahoo! Sports ]


  • Get Your Tickets **NOW!** Shawn Thornton to narrate “’Twas The Night Before Christmas” for the Boston Pops TONIGHT! [ @TheBostonPops ]
  • The REAL reason Ference is in the Czech league. [ @Fernuckle ]
  • Jack Edwards weighs in on Tyler Seguin’s new Swiss timepiece. [ @RealJackEdwards ]
  • File this under “Media Fail.” [ ]
  • Photo booth fun with Milan Lucic. [ @MilanLucic4 ]