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Thursday Mourning Skate: Win The Instigator!

Get those creative juices flowing

Yeah I think this might be one that we see a bunch.
Yeah I think this might be one that we see a bunch.
Rich Lam

Triumph Books and Jonathan Gatehouse recently put out a book called "The Instigator: How Gary Bettman Remade the NHL and Changed the Game Forever." I haven't finished it but it's an interesting book. The important thing is that they sent us a couple copies and you can win one!

It'll take some creativity, though. As there are 3 books, I figured we would have three concurrent contests. Because I like being difficult.

So here are the contests:

  1. Best picture of your favorite hockey moment: audience choice - Yep, exactly as it sounds. If you don't have paint or photoshop, get your sketchpad out. Arrange some bubble hockey dudes or get some friends in on it.
  2. Best poem about your favorite hockey moment: audience choice - this can be any form of poetry from the formulaic haiku to a slam to iambic pentameter or anything in between or beyond. You can write it or tape yourself performing it or whatever. Songs count.
  3. Wildcard about your favorite hockey moment: Staff choice - this is if I (or one of the other writers) really liked a piece and nobody else did.

All entries must be submitted by, I dunno, let's say...end of next week. Then finalists in the first two categories will be judged by SBNation poll and the three winners announced soon after.

To Submit: email it to me (my email address is in my profile) with CHOWDER CONTEST in the title, thanks.

UPDATE: Please only submit your own creations. If Brian Babineau is reading this, though, by all means send me something. Thanks!