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Fresh Links: A Date Which Will Live In Infamy Edition

Lockout news as unwelcome as a surprise attack at dawn

Jared Wickerham

Two steps forward, and one step back

  • NHL rejects NHLPA offer, and feels the need to shut down talks entirely. [ TSN ]
  • They were justthatclose and the NHL balked at closing the deal with mediators or lawyers. [ Sporting News ]
  • And so they’re down to spinning whatever is left. And it is a shame. [ Sports Illustrated ]
  • Here’re the deets in a “Twitter scrapbook.” [ ]

Meanwhile, are you NOT AMUSED?

  • “Things you won’t hear during the NHL lockout” [ YouTube ]
  • “… and MORE things you won’t hear” complete with bloopers [ YouTube ]
  • Now that Movember is over, protest the NHL lockout- MAIL THEM YOUR BEARD! [ YouTube ]
  • For fun, The Name Game- Guess which PBruin’s name made the cut? With cute photo! [ TheScore ]