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Friday Night Fights: Boston vs Montreal

On February 9, 2011 the Bruins and Canadiens created one of the most memorable game in the teams long rivalry. There were 14 goals scored, 7 fights and 182 penalty minutes. It was just the beginning of the excitement that the two teams brought into the first round of the playoffs. Put your vote in for the fight that you enjoyed the most out of that brawl filled night.

The first scrum of the night where fighting majors were actually handed out was when Tim Thomas and Carey Price dropped the glove and waffle. It may have been the worst goalie fight in the history of the NHL but never the less it added to the excitement of an already action filled game. The second fight of the game starts when Nathan Horton shoves P.K Subban after the whistle which gets the teams blood boiling yet again. Benoit Pouliot makes quick work of the smaller David Krejci and shows class by not swinging at him while he is on the ice. The Canadiens have the early edge in the fighting score 2-0, however that was about to change.

During the last minute of the third period all hell broke lose. The brawl begins when Andrew Ference trips Tomas Plekanec in which Travis Moen did not appreciate. Moen and Ference began to square of when Shawn Thornton starts manhandling Roman Hamrlik. Soon after Johnny Boychuk starts destroying Jaroslav Spacek and Gregory Campbell makes a mockery out of Tom Pyatt. After the blood bath the Bruins come out the victors taking a three of the four fights during the brawl and evening up the score 3-3.

With less than thirty seconds left in the game Adam McQuaid goes after Max Pacioretty who doesn't want to drop the gloves, but does anyway. It isn't much of a fight however McQuaid takes the victory to give the Bruins the edge 4-3. Oh yeah and on a lighter note they also had the lead in goals 8-6 but who is counting that stat? It was one of those games that no one who watched will ever forget and set the precedent for an absolute nail biting seven game series in the playoffs.

Boston Bruins & Montreal Canadiens Brawl (via fcfightlog)

NHL: Tim Thomas vs Carey Price Goaltender Fight 2/9/11 (via NHLHockey95)