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Hitting The Links: Hibernating Rivalry Edition

The Canadiens have exactly 24 games left to pull their heads out of you-know-where if they want to make the playoffs. Considering that it probably won't happen, and also considering that it's February 16 - do you realize that it's going to be at LEAST 235 days until the Bruins and Canadiens play again? That's assuming the season starts on October 8, and also assuming that the two teams don't, by some cruel trick of the schedule, have to wait even longer to face each other.

Basically, we have to sit through an entire Red Sox season before we see another Bruins/Habs game. I don't know about you, but that makes me a little sad.

After the jump, Rich Peverley is hurt again, Teemu Selanne is awesome, and blocking shots with your face is a bad idea...

Bruins News:

  • Since we didn't post a recap, here are a few. [Globe] [Days of Y'Orr]
  • Some newsbusters guy went all "you're dumb, and here's why" on KPD and it's kind of funny. [Newsbusters]
  • Rich Peverley took a hit from Hal Gill and dammit, he's hurt again. [NESN]
  • This tie maker is making Bobby Orr ties. BRB, ordering one for my dad. [Herald]
  • Here's a fun historical piece on the Bruins/Habs rivalry. [Gazette]
  • Benoit Pouliot's goal last night was amaaaaaazing. [ESPN]
  • The Bruins are looking for a similar result on this upcoming road trip as they did last year on the western Canada swing. [Bruins Daily]

NHL News:

  • This piece is called "Stopping pucks with your face and other bad ideas" and it's about the Rangers, and it is pretty cool. [WSJ]
  • Mike Zigomanis is a vegan, here is how he survives that diet in the AHL. [Post]
  • Olie Kolzig spoke out about the Capitals' struggles yesterday. Lots of good quotes from the former goaltender. [Washington Post]
  • Is the dead-puck era back? [Gazette]
  • Teemu Selanne tied Brendan Shanahan for career goals last night. Somewhere, Cornelius is swooning. [PHT]