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Hitting The Links: Road Trip Edition

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So the Bruins are on the road against the Winnipeg Jets tonight. As we've all learned, be prepared to hear Zdeno Chara get booed lustily for the second game in a row - at least it's not because he's been hit in the face with a puck this time.

Five days until the Bruins come to St. Louis. I can't really contain my excitement. But also I'm sort of terrified. I feel like Jessie Spano.

Links after the jump, you know the drill.

Bruins News:

  • A playoff series could really reignite the hate between the Bruins and Rangers. True story: it's been a while, and it'd be nice to rekindle some good old Boston-New York hate. [Seacoast Online]
  • Local kid Josh Hennessy is ready to play tonight yaaaay! [Herald News]
  • Canucks fans continue to be special, bitter snowflakes by vandalizing the church in Vancouver that Milan Lucic frequents. I hate the use of the word 'classless' or 'classy' in sports because I think it has no place, but this goes beyond that. Stay trashy, Vancouver. [Sun]
  • Stanley Cup odds are up on NESN. Interesting. [NESN]

NHL News:

  • Crazy trade season is here it's like Christmas! Grossman is off to the Flyers from the Stars, and Moore has been traded from the Lightning to the Sharks. [Puck Drunk Love]
  • The Blackhawks broke their losing streak against the Rangers last night. At MSG, even. Crazy. [SBN Chicago]
  • Yessss the NHL is making playoff speculation even more fun with these handy matchup charts. [NHL]
  • Surprise - the Blues won again last night, scoring five straight goals to beat the Islanders. Fact: They're unbeaten in 26 games this season when they've scored three or more goals. [STL Today]
  • Would the Maple Leafs really trade Mikhail Grabovski, notorious Bruins killer? Apparently so. [PHT]
  • After the Kings - Blue Jackets fiasco a few weeks ago, the NHL is keeping a closer eye on arena clocks. [LA Times]
  • Man, the Capitals are depressing. Even poster boy Brooks Laich is sad. [Post]