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Big Bad Bruins: Cam Neely

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Cam Neely vs. Ulf Samuelsson December 13, 1990
Cam Neely vs. Ulf Samuelsson December 13, 1990

Cam Neely

6'1" 210 lbs

94 career fighting majors

1241 career penalty minutes

First Fight: Ed Beers September 23, 1983

Last Fight: Donald Brashear November 4, 1995

Cam Neely was one of the toughest players to have ever played in the NHL. He abused not only his own body, but the bodies of his opponents even more. The old saying "you should see what the other guy looks like" may have been made because of Neely. Neely never backed off from a challenge. There were times where Neely got his bell rung, but later on he took a number and got his man back. January 29, 1987 was one of those instances. Mid way though the second period, Whalers enforcer Scot Kleinendorst got the best of Neely when he caught him with a wicked right that has Neely seeing stars. Neely, probably nursing a concussion courtesy of Kleinendorst's fist, got his revenge when the two dropped the gloves again and Neely pounded Kleinendorst down to the ice.

Neely's greatest brawl arguably was against Canadien Shayne Corson. Neely's head was pouring blood where Corson opened up stitches from where Neely took a puck off of the head from teammate Al Peterson earlier in the game. Don't let the blood fool you, Neely took the edge in a very evenly matched fight. Surprisingly throughout all of the hatred and meeting between the teams, Neely only fought four Canadiens in his career. He did however fight nine different Whalers. Seems he had a thing for scrapping with anyone wearing the blue, green and white.

Notable Fights:

Shayne Corson November 20, 1986

Scot Kleinendorst January 29, 1987

Lindy Ruff April 9, 1988

Basil McRae December 21, 1989

Ulf Samuelsson December 13, 1990

Cam Neely's career was cut short do to numerous injuries. None more notable than the cheap shot from Bruins fan favorite Ulf Samuelsson during the 1991 Prince of Whales Conference Finals. On March 27, 1993 Neely and Samuelsson got tied up in front of the Pittsburgh goal. Neely started manhandling Samuelsson and threw him around like a rag doll. Samuelsson didn't even retaliate back which was probably smart on his part. Neely only played 13 games that season, but he made damn sure he got a piece of Ulf Samuelsson. Even with two bad knees. Cam Neely was a rare breed. After he beat you up he would add insult to injury and score a goal or two after he served his five minute sentence. His career was cut entirely too soon, however the time he put into this game he proved he was one of the baddest guys to have ever laced them up and then dropped the gloves.

Cam Neely TKOs Lindy Ruff 4/09/1988 (via adamshockeysite)