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This Week In Bruins History: Johnny Bucyk 418 Consecutive Games Streak

Johnny Bucyk
Johnny Bucyk

On March 2, 1975, Johnny Bucyk set the Bruins franchise record for most consecutive games played. The streak started on January 23, 1969 and lasted an amazing seven years. During those seven years Bucyk played 418 games in one of the toughest era's this sport has seen. The run included the Bruins making the playoff all seven of those years with two Stanley Cup Championships.

Johnny Bucyk was one of the key components that made the Big Bad Bruins of the 70's who they were. During that time there has never been an era where a Bruins team was as dominant as they were during their run in the 70's. During a time where players could practically tear off each others heads each night and the lack of medical advances, it is hard to imagine that a hockey player could play 418 games in a row. Johnny Bucyk was a true Iron Man.

The Bruins acquired Bucyk when they dealt legend goaltender Terry Sawchuk back to the Red Wings for what is considered one of the most lopsided trades in NHL history. While Sawchuk was one of the greatest goalies of all time, he wasn't the player he once was when the Bruins got a steal trading for the younger Bucyk. Bucyk only scored 11 goals in 104 games for Detroit, hardly the type of numbers Bruins fans expected out of him each and every year. The Bruins performed grand larceny when the made that famous trade. Who would have known those 11 goals as Red Wings would have turned into 556 career goals, add on another 813 assists, two Cup Championships, numerous amounts of hardware, a number of all star selections and a team record 418 consecutive games played? There is a reason why his number hangs in the rafters and why he earned his spot in the Hall of Fame. Johnny Bucyk was one of the baddest players to have ever played the game of hockey.