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Hitting The Links: Meet Me In St. Louis Edition

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The Bruins have an entire day off in St. Louis today. I'm pretty jealous. I too would love an entire day to run around downtown, go up in the Arch, visit some of the gardens and museums and stuff, probably hang out on the roof deck. All awesome things. Hopefully new arrival Carter Camper gets some quality bonding time with the big kids, and maybe there will even be a trade to make things interesting today.

Carter Camper's callup is making one thing shockingly obvious: Zach Hamill's time has come and gone. The Bruins gave the former first-round pick a number of games this year, after burying him in the minors since 2009, and he did next to nothing with them. He has three assists, no goals in 19 career NHL games. The singular move I actually expect to see the Bruins make at this trade deadline is to move Hamill at the trade deadline; his contract is up at the end of this season, and while he's struggled in Providence as well under the eye of Bruce Cassidy, he may well be able to help another AHL team shooting for the Calder Cup.

After the jump, hilarious Capitals fans are hilarious, a short thing on Carter Camper, and Rick Nash to New York or LA?

Bruins News:

  • Carter Camper, this new callup, is an undrafted college GRADUATE whom the Bruins signed in April. Good move, Chiarelli. [Something's Bruin]
  • More trade speculation. Is a trade necessary at this point? If so, what would the Bruins have to sacrifice? [Mass Live]
  • Claude Julien, for one, is not leaning on trade help. [Globe]
  • Apparently broadcasters this weekend were STILL talking about Tim Thomas' facebook. Oddly, this is a picture of those announcers I happened to find. [PHT]

NHL News:

  • The Senators killed the Islanders in the early game on this President's Day Monday. [Citizen]
  • The Capitals dropped a huge turd of a game to the Hurricanes, too. [Times]
  • At least Caps fans are taking this opportunity to self-mock and running with it. Here are four fictional hockey teams that could beat the Caps right now. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]
  • How scary would the Rangers be if they added Rick Nash? [CBS NY]
  • If this supposedly near-complete sale of the Coyotes to Rick Jamison goes through, expect to see them in Glendale for the foreseeable future. [SBN]