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Bruins: At Their Best Against the Better?

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I know it's Winnipeg, but the 2 points still count David.
I know it's Winnipeg, but the 2 points still count David.

One of the ugly internet memes of late has been that the Bruins success between November 1 - January 22 was flukish because of the fact that they played such an easy schedule. Not a lot of games, mostly against non-playoff teams, a lot of games at home. But was that really the problem with the 2011-2012 Boston Bruins? A look at the schedule as we approach the 3/4 of the season mark paints a vastly different picture, and may indicate that the Bruins problems are some combination of "easy" games and maybe Henrik Lundqvist.

Last night's win over the St. Louis Blues at the Scottrade Center (the Blues first regulation loss at home in 22 games), ran the Bruins record this season against current playoff teams to 20-6-2. That's a 123 point pace over 82 games. But it gets better (if you're a Bruins fan) still. Against the two divisions that most fans around the league agree have been the best in the NHL so far (the Atlantic and the Central) the Bruins are 13-3-2. That doesn't even get into the road game thing. The win over the Blues ran the Bruins record against current playoff teams on the road to 12-0-0. That sort of trend will hopefully come in handy on Saturday night when the Bruins travel to Ottawa for a crucial division matchup.

It's possible that these are small(ish) sample size flukes, but even in couple seasons prior to this one, it's always felt like when the Bruins are tested, they're more than able to respond. The fact that they've been wildly successful against playoff teams this season, but were swept by the Carolina Hurricanes of all teams, may lend credence to the belief that this team, while most wouldn't recommend it, is pacing itself between playoff runs.