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Hitting The Links: Buffalo Sucks Edition

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Don't get mad at me, Buffalo fans, I'm just quoting Brad Marchand here. Our little troll recently dissed the Queen City worse than anyone else in the city's history, based on the reaction from their fans. Geez, you'd think he ran over Ryan Miller with all the outrage over there.

Kaleta's missing from Sabres practice, Corey Tropp of the infamous kicking-Steven-Kampfer-in-the-head incident has been called up, and the trade deadline is four days away, but this is in no way a game that the Bruins can look past. Hopefully they can build on the bit of positive momentum they grabbed in St. Louis and bring it hard to the Sabres.

After the jump: the art of shot-blocking, a humongas big trade, and how awesome David Krejci is on the wing...

Bruins News:

  • Carter Camper, NAHL grad, did pretty great in his debut! 5 for 8 on faceoffs. Not bad! [NAHL]
  • David Krejci made, um, an impact on the wing. And on Kris Russell. Awesome. Let's roll with this. [Globe]
  • The Bruins are not ruling out the idea of a big trade. [ESPN]
  • Brad Marchand made people so maaaaad. Again. [Fairport Post]
  • The Bruins definitely cannot get caught looking past this game. [Metro West News]

NHL News:

  • Jeff Carter for Jack Johnson and some picks. What a steal for LA. [LA TImes]
  • The Canucks ended the Red Wings' home winning streak. Trolls. [CNN]
  • The Lightning CEO thinks that the NHL could succeed in Seattle. [King5]
  • Ondrej Pavelec has been the Jets' shining star this year. [Star]
  • Did you know Jaromir Jagr has been playing hockey longer than the baby Oilers were alive, blah blah anyways they won last night. [Sun]
  • Here is an interesting piece on the evolution of shot-blocking. [PGH Live]