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Hitting The Links: Watch Out Kyle Turris Edition

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New guy!
New guy!

So the Bruins acquired three guys yesterday for depth. Mike Mottau, Brian Rolston, and Greg Zanon. Two of those guys are from America. All three are former collegiate athletes. Greg Zanon went to University of Nebraska. Mottau is a local guy from Quincy who also played for Boston College. Sweet. None of them are scoring machines, but hopefully they give the team more defensive depth.

Joe Corvo might kill a man tonight. Tune in as the Bruins take on Ottawa again. Ottawa made one significant trade at the deadline, sending Brian Lee to the Lightning for Matt Gilroy.

After the jump, Krejci on the "issues in the room," who made moves, and Nashville is actually scary...

Bruins News:

  • Corvo issued a challenge to Turris through the media the other day after Turris was not suspended for essentially sending a flying elbow into Corvo's face. []
  • David Krejci addresses the "issues in the room" and tells us about what he heard was happening at the trade deadline (Seguin for Nash?) [NESN]
  • A thing on Greg Zanon, from the Minnesota perspective. [Star Tribune]
  • Gregory Campbell blogs about getting hit in the face with things. [Herald Bear Blog]
  • Milan Lucic met some fans in Maine the other day. [Fosters]
  • Brian Rolston wants to revive his career in Boston. [NESN]
  • Here is where the Globe writers see the new players fitting into the lineup. [Globe]

NHL News:

  • The Predators acquired Hal Gill and Andrei Kostitsyn at the deadline, then beat the Kings 2-1. Pekka Rinne is scary good, and so is their defense. It will be fun to see what they do in playoffs this year. [Tennessean]
  • The Capitals made no moves yesterday. That fanbase is going to eat itself alive. [Examiner]
  • Rangers writers take a look at why not trading for Rick Nash is a good thing. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • TSN's trade deadline coverage was silly. Here's a look at what they could do to fix that. [Post]
  • In probably the biggest trade of the day, Cody Hodgson was sent to the Sabres for Zack Kassian. [Province]