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Hitting The Links: Barbecued Edition

What do the Carolina Hurricanes and Super Bowl Weekend have in common? Lots of barbecue. I hope the 'Canes fans in Raleigh enjoy their awesome tailgates and great barbecue en route to a super great draft pick. That is all.

Hey, so Montreal lost last night after taking an early lead on the Devils! How great. They're now tied for last place in the conference with Carolina, with a game in hand. Ha. Last night was also a huge night for Edmonton's Sam Gagner, who tied Wayne Gretzky's Oilers record of 8 points in a game. Yes, the Oilers routed the Blackhawks 8-4 for the second time this year, and Gagner played a part in all eight goals. Every team has a kryptonite; for the Hawks, it seems to be the Oilers; for the Bruins it's Carolina.


After the jump, Sean Avery is on Project Runway, the Devils are hilarious, the Sharks set some records last night, and more...

Bruins News

  • The Bruins' blueline looked significantly less horrifying with Andrew Ference's return last night. [Matt Kalman via NHL]
  • Swept by a team that is probably going to be in the draft lottery. SIGH. [Herald News]
  • There's a cute little scoring race going on among a few Bruins right now. All are about to reach 20 goals. [Telegram]
  • The Stanley Cup will be at a pond hockey tournament in New Hampshire this weekend. [Union Leader]
  • The Bruins are looking for a left-handed shot on defense at the trade deadline, most likely. [Globe]
  • Maybe a trade would be a good wake-up call. [Herald]

NHL News:

  • Gagner's eight points are the most by any player since before he was born. [Edmonton Journal]
  • Why does no one (outside of Chicago and St. Louis) really hate Detroit anymore? [Gazette]
  • Sean Avery was on Project Runway as a guest judge last night. EPIC. [Mass Live]
  • The best part of this Devils/Habs recap is the first comment. Seriously, go look. [In Lou We Trust]
  • Brian Burke is a badass, talking gay rights and the potential of a gay player coming out in the NHL. Featuring canadian icon George Strombolopolous! [CBC]
  • Comparing the Capitals to the similarly injury-riddled 02-03 team. Oh hai Glen Metropolit. [On Frozen Blog]